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Colours: how many do I need for my brand?

Updated: Feb 22, 2022


Not the easiest question to answer because it depends on you! Most new brand owners choose one brand colour for their identity. If you start with a couple of colours that sit well with each (view this post about the colour wheel) then you'll probably end up with between five to ten brand colours at the end. What colours do you like? My advice when choosing a colour scheme is to base it on something you love. Something in nature perhaps? Something you own? I have a lovely jumper I adore and picking the colours out of that would be perfect (I've had it for years so I doubt I'll change my mind).

So, as an example, I'm going to choose colours of pink and blue as my main colours as they appear in some of my prints I create:

Text colours are the next to choose. Going darker than your main colours is a great move as it will stand out. Just by adding % black to a colour (known as shade) can make all the difference. Here's an example of what would work by adding shade to the above colours:

After choosing the text colours, start thinking about accent colours. Accent colours are used for emphasis in a colour scheme. They can often be bold or vivid and used in small quantities to add impact and interest. I've used a zingy orange and lime green in the following example still using the above colour scheme:

WHAT ARE BRAND COLOURS? Brand colours are a palette of around five to ten colours that are used to represent your business. Main colours, text and accent colours make up your set of brand colours:

I hope that helps, I'm going to create a range of blog posts covering colours, I'll launch on my instagram account first and add to my blog. Anything you'd like to know or would like added please let me know.

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