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Brand Values: How To Establish Your Brand Values as a Small Business

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

I love Joanne Hawker's March Meet The Maker. I've taken part for years now and she always comes up with some great prompts. This year, day 2 is Brand Values and, as a small business, you may have had to think hard about it. I thought it would be really helpful to come up with a way to make it easy for you to establish what your brand values.

Firstly, if you are a small business I strongly believe your brand values should be aligned with your personal values. You are the business, if you're not aligned it's not going to be easy to maintain those values. Also, bonus, all brand values you come up with can go into your SEO/keywords. I've written down some suggestions, (you are not limited to these adjectives, they're just there to send you in the right direction).

An easy way to establish your Brand Values is to break it down into sections and identify your traits and qualities that way. The sections are Beliefs, Message, Emotion, Benefit, Tribe. I've completed the questionnaire for my business to give you the idea of what to do.

Beliefs: What does your business or brand believe in? I found this one quite easy, I often mention in my online listings that I'm reliable, trustworthy and dependable, I think honest sums it up for me. Perhaps you have this written down somewhere that you can check on?

What would you like the audience out there to THINK of your brand? Do you want to be cutting edge? Fashionable? Classic?

How do you want people to FEEL about your brand? If you have a coaching session do they want to be understood? Do you want them to adore your products? Do you want people to think about what you've told them?

What are the benefits to your brand? What can they gain from you?

Finally who are your tribe? What sort of person are you or want to be aligned with?

I worked through the lists and circled the ones I felt the most connection with. From the short list of three I then picked out my favourites and came up with a list of MY Brand Values.

I reassessed my brand values and chose "happy" instead as I think that's really what I want people to feel. Here is my final version:

I really hope this helps, if it needs clarification or if you think I should add anything please get in contact.



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