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FAQ's: How to frame your print (with IKEA Ribba frames)

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

One of my FAQ's is "how do I frame QuMoo Design prints?". My most favourite frames to use is the white IKEA Ribba frames, this is because it supports the classic travel poster style look: it's a simple design that leaves the focus on the picture (bonus it's lightweight and therefore easy to hang plus there is a mount included!).

The mount is just as important as the frame - it's a great way to provide 'breathing space' between the print and the frame itself - if you don't have it then sometimes the print can stick to the picture. Also, mounting aims to prevent warping or buckling and give photos a solid basis for display by fixing them to a firm backing. A mounted print can also be more easily handled with less risk of damaging the print (or leaving finger prints behind). Finally, it makes framing easy as you can lay the print up against the mount to ensure it's straight!

You will see the image above of prints framed using IKEA ribba frames - hope that helps, links below to the UK IKEA website:

For the A4 prints I purchase the 30x40 cm frame.

For the A3 prints I purchase the 40x50cm frame.

For the A2 prints I use the 50x70 cm frame.

Hope that helps!


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