Instagram | Does A Picture Paint 1,000 words?

I use Instagram as a free marketing tool to advertise my small business as I believe the "more you grow, the more you will grow". I don't have to post on Instagram but I do it because I know it drives visits to my online shops. After my monumental recent deep dive into digital marketing I also know certain things work and Inspire | Offer | Educate | Entertain are good pillars to build upon BUT it's oh so time consuming (well, at least more time than I want to spend on it!).

Part of digital marketing has meant looking into content + captions (the part where you write on an Instagram post). It's generally accepted that people scroll extremely fast through Instagram waiting for an image that captures them - this in turn means that captions don't really come into the equation until you've stopped them with your image. So I need to concentrate on the image to stop them (and therefore the question "Does a picture paint a thousand words?"). Does it matter what I write in the captions? Can I stop thinking so much about what to write? Wouldn't that be nice!

Therefore, I'm going to experiment with four weeks of content with super snappy captions and try to break it down that way (fingers crossed I'll then spend less time thinking about what to write). I'll test it for 4 weeks to see how it works - right up until Wimbledon as tennis wins trumps Instagram.

So to sum up:-

  • Short, snappy captions (detailed below)

  • Relevant hashtags (no chit-chat, this will be tricky!).

  • Utilise Inspire | Educate | Entertain | Offer pillars

  • Analyse the Instagram Insights to see whether it's successful or not.

Wish me luck.


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