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Instagram | Does A Picture Paint 1,000 words?

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

I use Instagram as a free marketing tool to advertise my small business as I believe the "more you grow, the more you will grow". I don't have to post on Instagram but I do it because I know it drives visits to my online shops. After my monumental recent deep dive into digital marketing I also know certain things work and Inspire | Offer | Educate | Entertain are good pillars to build upon BUT it's oh so time consuming (well, at least more time than I want to spend on it!).

Part of digital marketing has meant looking into content + captions (the part where you write on an Instagram post). It's generally accepted that people scroll extremely fast through Instagram waiting for an image that captures them - this in turn means that captions don't really come into the equation until you've stopped them with your image. So I need to concentrate on the image to stop them (and therefore the question "Does a picture paint a thousand words?"). Does it matter what I write in the captions? Can I stop thinking so much about what to write? Wouldn't that be nice!

So to sum up:-

  • Short, snappy captions (detailed below)

  • Relevant hashtags (no chit-chat, this will be tricky!).

  • Utilise Inspire | Educate | Entertain | Offer pillars

Here are some prompts for you to follow for 4 weeks.

- Queenie

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