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How I plan + free planner

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

This is one of my favourite planning quotes that also applies to when someone is going to visit my house and I need to clean it, it's at its best ten minutes before you arrive!

I love the Joanne Hawker March Meet the Maker - it really shakes me up and makes me think. Planning is her prompt, I've always felt planning isn't hard but it does need organisation I'm pretty organised but that doesn't mean I'm a great planner. I use calendars and dates to work out what I'm supposed to be doing (working towards and back from) plus I use instagram prompts to weave into those dates too. to stretch me out of my zone. I'm sure someone will say I could use a better system but it works for me and everything gets done.

Here's a planning square for you, feel free to save and use.


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