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Colouring your brand: Evergreen, Hellebore Pink & Snow Grey

Colour experts have stated colour increases brand recognition by 80% and that colour is the primary influencer of purchase decisions. It can have massive implications for small businesses too. Your colour scheme is the fist thing visitors will notice when they land on your website, so it's important to get it right.

I personally believe that for small businesses choosing a colour that means something special to you is important. You will choose something that you connect to and in turn that has importance for your business.

As an example I've chosen an evergreen, hellebore pink and snow grey colour scheme to show how they can work together. This would be a lovely colour scheme for a florist. It's versatile and dreamy with inspiration from nature. Feel free to save the examples or contact me if you need help with it.

Evergreen: if it's too bold, try lighter shades. I'll add the "bloom" as a freebie download in my digital shop, you can use it as a social square easily.

This is Hellebore pink. Sits beautifully in nature next to the above Evergreen. I'll add the blossom for free to my digital download shop in case you'd like it.

Finally, snow grey, it's such a great colour to use as a background if you need to add your graphics over the top. I'll also pop the "begin" into my digital shop.

The three colours work beautifully together and perfect for instagram branding for a small business:

I hope this helps, if you need any help with your branding, please get in touch.



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