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Frequently Asked Questions

Who's behind the business?

Hello and welcome to QuMoo Design, I'm Julie (also known as Queenie), I'm English and repatriated back to the Surrey, UK in 2017 after living in the Netherlands for over 10 years.  I'm a Graphic Designer, Owner of QuMoo Design, and also a Director of Venture Adventures.  

What do you actually sell/do?

I own a product business designing museum/gallery quality Fine Art Travel Prints.  The prints are designed by me and are dedicated to special locations whether it’s the art deco form of Surbiton train station, an unforgettable silhouette of Battersea Power station or sweet shop coloured house of St. Ives - there will be a travel print to celebrate your place of time well spent.  

The fine art travel prints have intense, rich colours and are printed upon superior fine art giclee paper at sizes of A4, A3 and A2.  The A4 and A3 are wrapped ready-to-gift and all are delivered flat (not rolled!).


I also offer my designs on other products greeting cards, fabric and puzzles.

How did you start?

Whilst living in the Netherlands it was a feature of life for international friends to leave and move on to new postings in another country.  I was always searching for the perfect leaving gift/memento and could never find it so decided to create my own (my first print: The Den Haag Cityscape). Friends liked it, friends of friends asked for it and very soon I was selling various Netherlands travel prints and an expanding variety of other images (take a look at my blog on this).  A wonderful way to start a business by finding a gap in the market!

How are you different?

The prints are "Fine Art", they are not posters, they are printed upon heavyweight paper (350gsm) which meets requirements of museums and galleries (ISO 9706).  The paper I use is vegan, verified for sustainability, free from chemical cleaning agents, biocides or preservatives. I'm not a drop shipper, I only sell what is already printed so I can post the prints efficiently. I'm a real sole trader!   


I'm proud of the quality of my products, my stance on sustainability and belief in my designs.  I have three "P's" persistence, pride and passion! 

What are your milestones?


  • Europol's Chief of Staff asking to use my print as his twitter banner.  

  • Wimbledon Village print featuring on the front page of Time & Leisure magazine.  

  • Reaching the milestone of selling over 1,000 prints in my Etsy store.  

  • Creating a Reigate fanzine that has helped me connect with my local community.  

  • Getting featured in The Surrey Scene + Surrey Mamas Christmas Gift Guide.  

  • Passing courses on digital marketing

  • Expanding my designs onto other products; jigsaws, fabric and cards.

What are your values?

  • Sustainable:  I choose manufacturers/suppliers that follow sustainable code of conduct and are ethical.

  • Design is at the core of everything I do.

  • I prioritise quality over quantity - I print in small batches and only sell what I've already printed.

  • I minimise my footprint by only purchasing from the UK/EU.

  • I support community + positivity.

  • I keep waste to a minimum + recycle everything.


Why buy from me?


  • My reviews all display 5 star customer service.

  • I have pride and passion in what I sell.

  • I'm responsive to customer queries in a timely manner.

  • I'm a real person and demonstrate the human touch - there's a trend with many businesses toward automation and machines.  It's just me running my business, if there's an issue I'll action a solution and take responsibility for it.

  • QuMoo Design prints can solve your problem:  the prints arrive ready-to-gift and I can even write a message for you.

  • QuMoo Design prints are easy to purchase from a variety of sites (Amazon, Etsy and UK-based Folksy), all at the same price (you will not find it cheaper elsewhere as it's only me that sells them!).

  • QuMoo Design prints arrive as quickly as Royal Mail delivers them.  I send via UK Royal Mail and I only sell what I've already printed out.

  • QuMoo Design prints are in the luxury range of goods - they are museum/gallery quality (ISO 9706), printed upon the heavyweight, vegan paper (350gsm).  


What else can you tell me about you?

I'm also a Director of Venture Adventures Ltd "The Business Start Up One Stop Shop".  I have co-authored a Business Workbook (as seen in The Times and the Evening Standard), attended as Exhibitors the Business Show (Excel, London) and StartUp 2020 (Kings College, London) to explain how Venture Adventures, as a DIY business accelerator, can assist them.  It's been a fabulous journey so far!

What will you do next?

I'm currently working on placing my products into physical shops and selling my greeting cards through wholesale (get in touch if you're interested!).

Where can I hear from you?

Please find me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok and Twitter (please look at my links page) @qumoodesign is my handle and I'd love it if you give me a follow.  In the footer of my website is a "Media Kit" if you are a journalist.

Thank you for reading, feel free to get in contact if I can help in any way.



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