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This step is necessary for a Kaggle notebook, and is required to upload data to Kaggle. 6. Enter any notes in the **Notes** box. For example, if you have more than one notebook, enter the number of your current notebook (the notebook you created during the project) in this box. 7. Click the **Publish** button on the top right of the main page. ## Step 5. Use Kaggle Notebooks When you're ready to view the output from the notebook, navigate to the **Kaggle Notebooks** page. This page lists all of the notebooks available for the project. You can search for specific notebooks by looking for the title of the notebook in the search box. The **Notes** field will list the number of your current notebook. You can click on the notebook title to view the notebook. The notebook output is displayed in a cell-based format with code and output in one cell. Your code, input data, and output data are displayed in separate cells within the notebook. * * * **NOTE** Kaggle Notebooks can be used in multiple ways. You can use notebooks for prototyping ideas, for testing ideas, and for sharing results. Kaggle also allows you to share your notebook with other developers for learning purposes. ## Chapter 3. Connecting the World with IBM Watson IBM's **Watson** is an example of a cognitive computing platform. As you will learn in this chapter, cognitive computing means that a computer or software agent can observe data, process it, and respond to what it sees. In the case of Watson, IBM has created a cognitive computing system that can analyze text and understand key concepts. Watson is described in Chapter 2, _Building and Analyzing Spark Data_, where we looked at how to build data into the Watson cognitive computing platform. In this chapter, we will use the same data to build a Watson-powered interactive chat interface that we looked at in Chapter 1, _Working with Hadoop_. In this chapter, we will learn the following topics: * Preparing the data * Designing the Watson interface * Building the interface # Preparing the data In this chapter, we will use data from the StreetInsider news website. This website is a news website that focuses on providing a feed of breaking news items and information. The news items can be




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Pes 2012 Official Patch Crack 1.06no Dvd 1.06 11
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