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PDF Layouts

Are you one of the many creatives currently needing to pivot your business?  Have you considered creating well-written and interesting information?  It is very likely you have all the information you need, it just needs to be shaped into a product and now, more than ever, potential customers (and Google) desire great, original, online content for digital products - your knowledge and experience can be incredibly valuable to others (think international!).  With your content and images, and matching your branding fonts and colours, I can place it into a professional 'magazine style' format so you are able to then sell/distribute onwards to your clients as a PDF.   

I use an Adobe package called InDesign, it is a desktop publishing and typesetting software application and is used to create posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, presentations, books and e-books.  PDF examples:


  • upload to your shop to sell onwards (e.g. patterns, instruction booklets)

  • create an online course for your clients to follow   

  • produce an e-magazine

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